Development Circles

Spiritual Development Circles for Light Minded Souls

Wednesday Evening 7pm Cannon Hill Brisbane. Fee $250 for 10 sessions. You are welcome to come along for 2 weeks at $25 per session to see if it is for you before booking your 10 sessions. Held Weekly

NEW Wednesday Daytime 9.30am – 11am Cannon Hill Brisbane. Fee $25 per session. (places still available) held weekly including during the school holidays.

NEW Daytime Springfield Lakes details coming soon

Are you ready to live life in a more connected way? These gatherings include *Discussion on all things spiritual *New Concepts *Consciousness *Exercises *Meditations *Energy Awareness *Expansion and Growth * Connecting with Light Minded Souls *Laughter its food for the Soul *Practical tools to raise your energy and increase your awareness. 

Testimonials – Development Circle

Weekly Meditation Circle is a safe, inspiring, loving and nurturing environment to explore your connection with your spirituality. The members are beautiful humans and here I am truly seen for who I am. Ensha’s guidance has taken me from a place of anxiety to light-filled creativity. I know where I choose to be. Francesca de Valence Songwriter, Artist Educator.

Spiritual Development Circles with Ensha have been life changing, these weekly meetings with like minded people are a safe space to grow and learn spiritually. Ensha has a wealth of information, creating an inviting space for you to work on your soul connection, continually learning and growing in this environment. Each week leaving with a feeling of support and knowledge. I can’t recommend this group enough! I look forward to it every week. Laura O’Brien. Brisbane

“I love attending Ensha’s weekly development circles. It’s not even an option for me not to go as I get so much out of the sessions…Divine connection, grounding, emotional and mental levelling and bathing in Ensha’s delightful pearls of wisdom…not to mention a chance to hang out with some beautiful, sweet and high vibrational souls. I would highly recommend Ensha;s development circles to anyone who is serious about tapping into oneness and being the master of one’s own spiritual and emotional well-being.” Michelle Blum – Acupuncturist and Naturopath. Brisbane

Dear Ensha, thank you for helping me along my spiritual path. I look forward to Wednesday nights and so enjoy spending time with people on my wave length …. my tribe. You are all beautiful people with special gifts.

I met Ensha through a friend and was curious about her energy work. I had a Pellowah session and later a Past Life session. I found them quite amazing and they seemed to open the door a little wider on this aspect of my spiritual development. Ensha told me about her Meditation and Intuitive circle and it sounded like a great place to start. I had been feeling quite lonely and in need of some uplifting friends who were open to my spiritual ideas. I also had a feeling that I was ready to tap into my own intuition and gifts. I have been going to weekly evening sessions for about a year now and can honestly say it has helped me to understand a part of myself I only imagined to exist. I have always had an interest in energy work and meditation and intuitive thinking yet until now I didn’t quite understand how powerful these components are in your life. The time spent each week has helped me to understand the impact of a harmful relationship that was heavy to carry in my life and how to let that go and identify what serves my highest good. I have seen the importance of learning about and using tools to help enhance your own energy like meditation, smudging, music, cards, salt showers, sound, crystals and group energy. I now trust my intuition more and see events and signs more clearly. If I feel down I know how to enhance my energy and what works for me. I found the other group members to be real people just like me with an interest and openness to new ideas and possibilities. In the group everyone supports and shares and new people are welcomed just as I was. I look forward to Wednesday nights to spend quality time with people who “get me” …. my tribe. Soon I am moving interstate and will take these skills and memories with me and hopefully find more people and places to explore this part of myself. Thank you Ensha and the Wednesday group for your love and support. T.M

On reflection, I have been searching for something to open my life up on a deeper spiritual level and allow me to connect with the universal life – force for most of my life. When, I found Ensha and joined one of her group sessions I felt so welcomed and very excited to be amongst such beautifully enlightened people. I remember going to my first group session, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but the experience was so profound I can honestly say, it has changed my life forever.

The sessions themselves, are both informative and very uplifting and provide every individual with the opportunity to participate and grow at their own pace. And for the first time ever I have inner peace and confidence in knowing that I wherever I head or whatever I do I will be directed on the right path of limitless possibilities.

Today, I see the world differently, view everyday as a new start and live in the moment. I have a renewed respect for the planet and approach everything much more holistically. I have the confidence to go courageously on my journey with an inner sense of knowing that all is how it should be in this moment. I also ask the universe for the daily support I need and am provided with an abundance of everything I need to have a beautiful life.

Ensha is rare, she is an extremely gifted teacher and facilitator who openly shares her wisdom and love with others to help to tool people up to bring about positive changes into their everyday lives. She has the ability to ignite your inner fire and equip you with everything you need to embrace a new way of existing, one which you can’t or won’t want to turn back from. If you are looking for something more, if you yearn to live your dreams and are open to what the universe has on offer, go see Ensha. Believe me, it’s there waiting for you and the experience will be change your life forever, in the most positive way. All you have to do is be open.  Susan

Ensha’s meditation circles have been life changing.
For me, they have proven to be an invaluable reset button that has assisted me to re-energise and refocus my energy towards fostering an intimate connection with my higher self.
Through Ensha’s meditation circles I have learnt trans-formative techniques that I regularly use whenever I would like to de-stress, experience inner peace and be present.
As a consequence of attending Ensha’s groups, I now feel a deeper sense of certainty as I now know how to connect with and trust the wisdom of my inner voice.
Rhoda, Learning Adviser. Brisbane

Dear Ensha. Thank you for having me in your group, I have been enjoying a variety of similar groups for 6-7 years. Last Night in your group I had an extra special experience. It seemed everything I have done energetically was shown to me in a vision/download/experience, it was like watching a re-run including the directors cut of my spiritual journey. All the gaps came together for me. Unanswered questions from years ago were answered. Today I feel that I have embarked on a whole “New and Very Exciting Journey.” Really looking forward to whatever you have to offer in the future. Thank You Patrick xx

The development and meditation classes are amazing, the things that I have learnt (and continue to learn) on all levels are really special, they have really help me to grow and expand spiritually and emotionally. Ensha does an amazing job sharing her wisdom with everyone in the group and she always manages to take us on a different journey every week. Martha McDaniel. Brisbane

Over the past three years I’ve participated in Ensha’s meditations, and short courses.   For all these interactions, I’ve found there’s never a dull moment with lots of stimulating discussion and a variety of consciousness expanding activities. Ensha is an inspiring facilitator.  I look forward to my weekly meditation sessions with similar-minded people and knowing I will come away with new insights and feeling totally centered and relaxed. Annon. Brisbane

Ensha is a wealth of wisdom and new perspectives. Going to her meditation classes has given back to me a sense of sanity in this busy crazy world. Her guided relaxation methods have become a part of my life that I just wish I could bottle up and keep! Thanks to Ensha for giving so much to help keep my clarity in check. Love you. Jess

Ensha’s Meditation sessions have opened up a whole new world to me. The discussions are awesome, each week there are new perspectives I can apply in my life. And best of all I feel inspired and on track. Oh and I love the meditation – Deep Peace. Annon

Ensha’s weekly meditation class has been life changing for me, as I have been able to take the simple and very effective techniques learnt into my daily routine with profound positive results which have enriched my family, friends, community and myself. My initial experience of attending this group was to sense a deep communion and acceptance within the openness and abundance of ideas discussed and the meditation experience. As a facilitator with extensive lived experience and knowledge of esoteric teachings Ensha genuinely delights in observing and supporting participants spiritual growth towards their soul’s purpose and higher path. I feel humbled to attend this group and greatly value Ensha’s ability and skill in creating a non judgmental space for participants to vocalise and explore their own experiences. –T.S QLD Health. Brisbane

Ensha has a genuine interest in supporting individuals to reach their full physical and spiritual potential. In spending time with Ensha, one has a sense of being deeply cared for and safely guided to move toward one’s sole (soul) purpose on this earth. I can sincerely recommend Ensha as a life mentor who has the ability, experience and wisdom to guide others in a respectful and professional manner. -Tania. Brisbane

When a friend introduced me to the meditation classes I was at a stage of my life where great change had already occurred, and further major changes were about to. Although equipped with many skills of life to deal with these events, and supported by well-meaning friends, I felt alone, vulnerable and a little bit panicky. So I went along to class to hopefully gain some inner peace – as I figured that that’s what meditation meant. However, I found much more than that – I found friendship, security and renewed confidence in myself that I no longer needed outside things or people to validate my abilities and worth, and above all I found happiness. – Anonymous. Brisbane

With today’s stressful lifestyle it is easy to be caught in negative energy and forget that life can be positive and abundant. I have enjoyed attending weekly meditation classes for many reasons but especially because it helps me to remember to stop and take time to think about the dreams and goals I am wanting to achieve and what I actually have achieved in my life. -Thanks Ensha and my fellow classmates. Anonymous

I have been attending Ensha’s Meditation classes for about 3 months now and they are something I really look forward to each week. Apart from the actual meditation, which I really love, we have a lovely group discussion to start with and you feel safe knowing you can discuss things in your life you may not want to talk about with friends. It eases some of the stress of daily life and Ensha has lots of helpful ideas and information to make sense of the things happening around us and within us. It puts life into perspective and helps you realise we are only human and can all do with a helping hand along the way – Lea. Brisbane

Hi Ensha. Today we realised that we have been attending the Thursday meditation class for nearly a year now and neither of us any intention of stopping. Thank you for the interesting variety of meditations and for all the knowledge you give us. We particularly like sharing our experiences with the group. Angela and Cameron. Brisbane

It was by ‘synchronicity’ that I met Ensha about 12 months ago to have Reiki treatment having asked the owner of a local crystal shop whether she knew anyone she could recommend. Since that time Ensha has become a great friend and teacher of me and my wife, and we now attend weekly meditation classes. They are informative, interesting and we always leave feeling clearer and centred, and always learn something new. Each week Ensha introduces new teachings, insights and methods for meditation, expanding consciousness, and balancing your personal energy. I have also received Pellowah healing and recently completed a Pellowah healing workshop with Ensha which has aided in my spiritual growth enormously. I would recommend Pellowah to anyone wanting to become more balanced, centred and expand their consciousness – seriously who wouldn’t want to do that! The positive changes I have experienced in the past couple of years have seen my life take a new and exciting direction and Ensha has been a shining light in my growth. Her knowledge, experience and pragmatic teaching method of spiritual growth has inspired me to go within and seek my own truth in order to walk my highest path each moment of everyday. The most wonderful thing about Ensha is that she is a lovely person who really cares about people and thoroughly enjoys nurturing the expansion of consciousness in everyone. – Brendan. Brisbane

Over the last 3 years I’ve attended meditation classes, training sessions in Reiki and Pellowah, group Pellowah sessions and personal growth workshops. All have greatly assisted in transforming my life from one of being in a rut without purpose to a life of fulfilment and joy.  Ensha always provides a safe, fun and supportive environment where you can just be you without fear of judgement. Sue L. Brisbane

Individual sessions are available in Cannon Hill Brisbane Qld, distance sessions are available via phone and skype Globally.

Workshops for your personal and spiritual growth are held in Brisbane Qld, throughout Australia and Globally.

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