Additional Pellowah Attunements

Additional Pellowah Attunements for Pellowah Practitioners

For those who have completed the Level 1 or Level 1 & 2 Pellowah Training . Once you are attuned to Pellowah you are attuned for life, the additional Attunements are simply for your continuing growth and expansion. These additional Attunements help tremendously with continuing to increase the expansion and awareness gained in the Level 1 & 2 Training.  Additional  Attunements take approximately 20 minutes. Having regular Attunements further expands your awareness.  Some people have weekly, fortnightly or monthly Attunements.

Testimonials “what others have to say”

“I find having regular attunements beneficial not only for the difference in my alignment of energy but also as it creates new wellness habits. I look forward to linking back into a more aligned and uplifted state, an improved version of where I currently stand. You are then in a better place to make decisions and view life from a higher perspective.” Annon Brisbane

Regular Pellowah Attunements open me up to become more. My weekly Attunement sessions are an integral part of my plan for growth. Francesca Brisbane.

Regular Pellowah Attunements. As a Pellowah practitioner and trainer since 2007, I have found that having attunements allows me to continue to grow both personally and spiritually with relative ease. By having the attunements regularly I am able to keep enhancing all the benefits that Pellowah brings. It leaves me a deeper feeling of being clear, grounded, centred, focused, connected and is an essential part of my self-care routine. Michelle Amor – Homeopath, Reiki Master/Teacher, Pellowah Trainer Tweed Heads NSW.

Pellowah Attunements What I have noticed is the leaps in my awareness, and my ability to trust and action these. Such a Gift. Annon Brisbane

Regular Attunements Simply, it is easier for me to consistently remain clear, balanced and on track in my life. Sara Brisbane.

Individual sessions are available in Cannon Hill Brisbane Qld, distance sessions are available via phone and skype Globally.

Workshops for your personal and spiritual growth are held in Brisbane Qld, throughout Australia and Globally

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