Healing Activations

Speaking to the deeper part of you. Healing Activations bring about Personal Energetic Shifts, medicine for Your Spirit, Mind and Body.


I recently received a Healing Activation from Ensha. It was a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend this healing activation. I found it to be a unique experience and the healing is exactly what I needed at this point in time. This healing can be used to continually to check in to see what healing is needed in that moment for your highest and best self. I left feeling really supported and enjoyed the process. This healing has had a positive residual affect on my mood.  Laura, Brisbane QLD

Individual sessions are available in Cannon Hill Brisbane Qld, distance sessions are available via phone and skype Globally.

Workshops for your personal and spiritual growth are held in Brisbane Qld, throughout Australia and Globally.

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Cannon Hill Brisbane Qld 

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