Ensha Reiya

As a teacher, visionary, mentor and channel. I offer wisdom, clarity and tools for personal and spiritual awakening.  Inspiring you to establish positive lasting change, confidence, peace and awareness in your life.

Consultations include *Pellowah Healing *Distance Pellowah *Pellowah Attunements *Intuitive Mentoring *Spiritual Guidance *Arbah Healing *Past Life Assimilation  *Reiki  *Astrology Chart Readings *Energy Clearing for Your Home & Business. In person appointments in Brisbane QLD Australia,  Distance Healing, Phone and Skype appointments globally.

Pellowah Level 1 & 2 & Codes for Change and Acceleration . These workshops are for Your Personal & Spiritual Expansion are held within Australia and Globally.  To Book into or enquire about an Australian Workshop email info@enshareiya.com. To enquire about Workshops in USA, Canada, United Kingdom (UK ) and New Zealand.  Use the contact form

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