About Ensha

Based in the lovely city of Brisbane Qld Australia, Ensha offers Pellowah Healing, Intuitive Readings, Mentoring both in person and over distance. Transformational Workshops and Practitioner Training are held in Brisbane, throughout Australia and Globally.

Ensha Reiya *Teaching *Awakening *Inspiring *Guiding *Healing.

As a teacher, visionary, mentor, energy healer and channel. Ensha offers wisdom, clarity and tools for your personal and spiritual expansion.  Inspiring you to establish positive lasting change, confidence, peace and direction in your life.

Individual sessions are available in Cannon Hill Brisbane Qld, distance sessions are available via phone or skype Globally.

Services include: Pellowah Healing *Distance Pellowah *Pellowah Attunements *Intuitive Readings *Healing Activations *Mentoring *Arbah Healing *Past Life Assimilation  *Reiki  *Astrology Chart Readings *Energy Clearing for Your Home & Business. *Decluttering and Organising for Your Home Space

Workshops for your personal and spiritual growth are held in Brisbane Qld, throughout Australia and Globally. Pellowah Level 1 & 2 | Codes for Change and Acceleration | Reiki | Astrology

Contact Details Ensha Reiya

Cannon Hill Brisbane Qld 

Ph 0409 040 283|email Info@enshareiya.com |www.enshareiya.com