Ensha Reiya

Spirit Wisdom and Energy Healing – In person consultations in Brisbane and Warwick QLD. Distance, Skype and Phone sessions globally.

*Teaching *Awakening *Inspiring *Guiding *Healing

Ensha is a gifted teacher, channel and clairvoyant, providing wisdom, clarity and tools to enable you to experience new levels of confidence, peace and awareness in your life.

Consultations available include *Pellowah Healing  *Mentoring *Readings/Spiritual Guidance *Intuitive Counselling *Arbah Healing *Past Life Assimilation  *Reiki *Astrology *Energy Clearing for Your Home & Business. Additionally Ensha has a cert 3 in Community Services and lots of hands on life skills to support you on your journey.   Make your appointment

Personal and Spiritual Expansion Workshops and Practitioner Training are held within Australia and Globally.  Gather a group of 10 or more people and I can bring the workshop to you.  To find out about upcoming locations for Workshops and Events or to host a workshop in your area contact Ensha on +61 409 040 283 or email enshareiya@hotmail.com

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