Pellowah Workshop FAQ’S

Do you need to be a Practitioner or have any previous experience with energy healing to attend a Pellowah Workshop and receive the Attunements? No, Pellowah was channeled to “Shift the Consciousness of Humanity”. Anyone can learn this amazing form of energy work, most people who attend the workshops do so for their own personal and spiritual growth and expansion. 

What are the benefits of receiving Pellowah Attunements? There are many benefits in receiving Pellowah Attunements, some of these are. Your Pellowah Level 1 Attunement is equivalent to receiving 10 or more Pellowah Healings at once.  Your Pellowah Level 2 Attunement is equivalent to receiving 100 or more Pellowah Healings at once. Pellowah Attunements increase your Light, Connection, Clarity, Awareness, Intuition, Balance….. Improving your capacity to consistently make higher and better choices and establish positive lasting change and direction in your life.

What is the youngest age for someone to do Pellowah Level 1 & 2 A mature 16 year old can attend these workshops.

Can Pellowah be used as a form of absent healing? Yes

Contact Details Ensha Reiya

Cannon Hill Brisbane Qld 

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