Arbah Healing

Arbah Healing changes deep seeded patterns, and is like an organ transplant for the aura instead of the body. Arbah Healing allows you to establish within the aura a more positive blueprint for change. Whether this happens depends on the will of the person towards self growth. The energy introduced is a plasma current and is a neutral energy with a code imprinted into it to encourage growth specific to the recipient.

This form of healing is used in more extreme cases, especially mental illness and stubborn unproductive thought patterns, it has also had good results with ADHD and similar cases.

Useful For – panic attacks, depression, mental problems, addictions, cancer patients, mental illness, severe and chronic illness of all kinds, mental anguish, ADHD.

Great For children with behavioural problems .

Arbah Healing can be done both in person and remotely.

*NOTE I offer a combined session of Arbah Healing followed by a Pellowah Healing, this session can be done in person or over distance.


Arbah Healing I feel that Arbah Healing helped me to remove a deep seated pattern, after which, I was open to see my own light, acknowledging my gifts and that brought me back to my higher path. I am still amazed that the shift for that can be so easy when one is willing. Ashni, Engineer to Energy Healer. Brisbane

The Arbah session I had was nothing like I experienced ever. It meant that the pain I have had in my left foot for around 8 years has finally be healed too. Lillian Brisbane

Arbah Healing I have had Arbah healing once and felt to have another one when I was really confronted and challenged with a ‘repetitive’ situation in my life, I just wanted whatever deep seeded subconscious programmes that are playing in the background to be out of my life and out quickly. I wanted to focus on moving forward in my life and put my energy in that direction. After the Arbah healing, I notice such a significant shift within myself. I could speak up and speak out of what I prefer in an environment where my voice is unconventional and had the inner strength to stand in my own truth unapologetically. I highly recommend Arbah for anyone who is on the inner work journey. It makes the journey easier and had really enabled me to reset and reestablish myself on my track, keep my energy for productivity instead or something unnecessary. – Ashni, Spiritual Engineer 

Arbah – One Arbah healing and the lack of abundance in my life was reversed. Before the healing, I neither valued what I did for a living nor made money easily. After the Arbah healing, I was no longer begging people to let me train them for free, they were offering to pay me instead. It has made such a powerful and positive difference to the flow of abundance in my life. I cannot recommend it highly enough. – S.R. Training and Education. Brisbane

Arbah -Counselling – Pellowah Workshops. There is a saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. I had been on my healing path for just over two years when I was referred to Ensha for an Arbah Healing. WOW, I had previously received a number of Pellowah Healings that had helped me make significant changes in my life however the Arbah Healing from Ensha was amazing and enabled me to change in such positive ways I hardly recognize myself these days. During my journey I had developed a thirst for knowledge about all things spiritual and universal. I decided to do the Pellowah Level 1 workshop with Ensha. I met some other amazing people doing the course. I had to go back the next day and do Level 2, I wanted more. Ensha has coached and encouraged me since the Pellowah workshop,and has helped me open my spirit to Meditation, the sound of the Gong and even more about myself. I can’t wait to find out what more of I don’t know. –L C. August 2009. Health & Safety. Brisbane.

Individual sessions are available in Cannon Hill Brisbane Qld, distance sessions are available via phone and skype Globally.

Workshops for your personal and spiritual growth are held in Brisbane Qld, throughout Australia and Globally.

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