Thoughts on Life & The Universe

You are not a work in progress, you are a work in expansion, here to grow, expand and become more. You have a purpose and at its core that purpose includes shifting the consciousness level of humanity to the consciousness level of connection. *To establish communities *To bring forth new ideas and concepts *To birth new systems creative, scientific and spiritual *To make a difference.

The point of empowerment is in the Present Moment. When you stay in the present moment you deal with everything from a place of empowerment.

Your Life is about what you have to give…..not about what you have to give up.

Rest is such an important ingredient to success. You need to create a space of sanctuary. One that is calm, clear, and conducive to recharging your batteries

The more you remain connected to your centre point (God/Source) the more external events fall into place around you. This is because with God/Source as your centre point you will remain steady as external forces arrange themselves.

Every time we engage the flow and follow an intuition and some mysterious encounter leads us forward our own vibration increases. Synchronicities and magical clues then become an everyday experience that light up our path.

To commit more fully to your path and the fulfilment of your path, will simply give you wings that enable you to fly higher.

Say to the universe– I am going to give you all my fears, doubts and insecurities. And I am going to take your Peace, Strength and Upliftment.

The Call of Your SOUL!. Get curious and start wondering about your INNATE GIFTS. What have you come to share in this world? What is your innate genius, unique and innovative way to make a difference. Often fine tuned through lifetimes of experiences, because you knew those skills would be needed in these powerful times of transformation and awakening. This curiosity and wondering will draw you to new thoughts and ideas that will pull you in a certain direction.