Reiki Workshops

Reiki Level 1.

Discover the history of Reiki. Learn about the Chakras and hand positions for giving Reiki Treatments. Receive Level 1 Attunements and practice giving a Reiki Healing.  Followed by discussion and questions. Certificate & Manual included. 1 day workshop.

Reiki Level 2

Continues to build upon your Level 1 Reiki Training and further understanding of how energy works.  You receive your Level 2 Attunements and practice sending Reiki Healing over distance.  Followed by discussion and questions. Certificate and Manual included 1 day workshop.

Reiki Master/Teacher

Certificate and Manual included – Information and fee upon inquiry

Testimonials Reiki Training

My time with you has been amazing, my heart, eyes and ears have been opened up to an even more amazing world than when I shut it off a long time ago. I’m moving forward faster than I had imagined possible, becoming a Reiki Master through you was fun, informative, insightful and dam awesome. I felt really in tune with myself and the Universe when in your presence and this has continued on in my daily life. Opening myself up to Reiki and what I already had burning inside me has made path clearer. Thank you and I would definitely recommend that everyone come to see you!!!!  Lena James. Yellow Room Reiki and Crystals. Brisbane Bayside

Having completed Reiki level 1 and 2 which was fun and you get to meet more amazing people and I actually had Reiki attunements in the past and this was a level above what I experienced in the past as I have changed from who I was then. Lillian Brisbane

I have just completed my Reiki Masters with Ensha, after previously having completed my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with her. On a practical level learning Reiki has given me another tool that I can use on myself, my family and also my clients and I am looking forward to being able to pass this amazing healing modality onto others. On a personal level it has been profound in every way, but it is not that easy to explain how and what that really means. The best way I can describe it is that I feel totally grounded, connected and empowered in ways I have never experienced before.

Training with Ensha has always been a wonderful, uplifting experience. I came away feeling supported, confident and competent in what I had learnt. I have had the absolute pleasure of training with Ensha on previous occasions and all my training experiences with her have been the same. Her insights and practical guidance have been pivotal in helping me to move forward on my path and assisted me greatly in my ability to then help others. I highly recommend Ensha for anyone who is serious about learning new modalities, or anyone who just needs help to move forward with their life. Michelle Amor – Reiki Master, Pellowah Practitioner/Trainer, Homeopath. Gold Coast

Training with Ensha is simply a joy! She is knowledgeable and clear, able to impart complex concepts with such ease and simplicity that even someone as new to energy healing as I could get it! More than this, Ensha’s intuitive abilities astound; her advice and guidance is specific, relevant and extremely insightful – there is not a minute or dollar misspent under her teaching. Thank you Ensha!
Elzette Harper, Homeopath and Reiki Practitioner. Gold Coast

After completing Reiki 1 and 2, with a hiccup in between that saved my daughter’s life (thanks to Ensha’s wisdom and connectedness) I am seeing my world with a clear vision of where I’m heading on my path of service. My Reiki experience with Ensha was nothing short of breathless to say the least, the energy that walks within her and within the space I was taught in, is gentle but strong, relaxing and enticing and connected to a source that is pure love. I am now sharing Reiki with those close to me, they are loving it and so am I. Ensha helped me to remember parts of life I’d forgotten I had really enjoyed and I’m now heading back to those ideas but with 20 more years of life experience behind me, a true blessing and lesson learnt. I’m looking forward to completing my Masters in Reiki with Ensha in 2016. My energy is feeling lighter and freer than ever before. This is an exciting journey to be on. Thanks Ensha. You’re awesome. ? Annon. Brisbane

I studied Reiki level 1 and 2 with Ensha. The levels were delivered in a supportive environment, at a good pace with plenty of opportunity for asking questions and practice. Ensha provided some great take home materials also. Using the teachings I was able to immediately perform Reiki sessions & received good feedback from clients!  Jenna W. Taringa, Brisbane

Reiki Level 2.  July 2012
After doing Reiki II, I have found the energy to be more subtle, yet just as powerful in healing.  Over the following week, I found myself clearing a lot of emotional issues at a deep level, but in a very gentle way.  It was as though they were coming up to the surface but were not attached to me at all.  I have since found a level of calm and peace I had not experienced before.  I have found Ensha to be a wonderful teacher, who is very giving of her knowledge and experience.  She creates a supportive atmosphere in which to experience Reiki II as well as learn about it.  I would gladly recommend studying Reiki with Ensha and encourage anyone who has thought about it, to do it. Michelle A. Gold Coast

Reiki Level 1 and 2.

Ensha has been my teacher for both Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki. After attending the Level 1 Workshop – I felt lighter and more positive. Doing daily Reiki on myself of an evening is making a huge difference to my sleep patterns and I am waking feeling refreshed instead of dragging myself out of bed and into the day. I have now completed Level 2 Reiki and it is so much a part of my life now. Thank you Ensha for the new peace and calm that fills my world.  Alison B. Brisbane

Reiki Level 1

Reiki has given me a feeling of peace and contentment. Since doing  the Level 1 Workshop I have been using Reiki for self healing regularly. I have found my moods to be more stable and an increase in physical energy levels. Whenever one of my children has an ache or discomfort Reiki provides some natural first aid. Love it. Sam Brisbane

.Individual sessions are available in Cannon Hill Brisbane Qld, distance sessions are available via phone and skype Globally.

Workshops for your personal and spiritual growth are held in Brisbane Qld, throughout Australia and Globally. Weekday Reiki Workshops are available by arrangement.

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