A unique range of items for use in your self-care and energetic practices, all products have been chosen for their quality and clear energies.

Smudge Sticks – Sage and Dragons Blood, Cedar, Mugwort $13 per smudge

Smudge Resins – Copal, Frankincense, Dragons Blood, Mandarin and Bay $10 per Jar of Resin

Smudging Packs -Charcoal Blocks, 2 Jars of smudging resins $25

Copal natural resin incense sticks – Copal has a powerful clearing clear sharp scent that purifies the energy in your space and energetic field. Copal is known to clear stuck energies, bless and sanctify a space and connect us with our higher awareness. $13 per packet of 5 incense sticks

Hand made Natural Sage Incense Sticks– White Sage is known for it’s energetic cleansing properties. Often burned during ceremonies, healing rituals and meditation practice. $13 per packet of 6 incense sticks.

Abalone Shell – $25

Orchid Essences – $22

*NOTE This is an evolving range of products, new items will be added as they become available.

*NOTE Items can be collected from Cannon Hill in Brisbane or posted. Postage fees apply.

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