A UNIQUE RANGE OF ITEMS for use in your self-care and energetic practices, all products have been chosen for their quality and clear energies.

WHY SMUDGE? Smudging helps to clear stuck energy, increasing positive energy, brings your focus into present time and is revitalising for your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  Smudging helps to bring your focus into present time, from this perspective it is also easier to feel the presence of spirit, so hence better for meditation, contemplation and simply revitalising. It has been proven scientifically that smudging removes the negative ions from the body and environment.

SMUDGE STICKS – Organic White Sage $11

SMUDGING RESINS AND POWDERS– Copal, Frankincense, Dragons Blood, Mandarin and Bay $10

SMUDGING PACKS -Charcoal Blocks, 2 Jars of smudging resins/powders $25

COPAL NATURAL RESIN INCENSE STICKS – Copal has a powerful clearing clear sharp scent that purifies the energy in your space and energetic field. Copal is known to clear stuck energies, bless and sanctify a space and connect us with our higher awareness. $15 per packet of 5 incense sticks

WHITE SAGE NATURAL INCENSE STICKS – White Sage is known for it’s energetic cleansing properties. Often burned during ceremonies, healing rituals and meditation practice. $15 per packet of 6 incense sticks.

PALO SANTO NATURAL INCENSE STICKS -Palo Santo has a delicate, woody fragrance, the sacred smoke created from Palo incense sticks has a calming effect, is well known for its purification and anti-inflammatory healing properties. Excellent perfect for use in meditation or cleansing rituals.. $15 per pack of 5 incense sticks.


ABALONE SHELL – Uses as a beautiful smudge bowl $25

ORCHID ESSENCES – These high frequency Essences assist in your personal energetic shifts, bringing healing, alignment and a deeper connection to the wisdom within you. $22

BAY ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND -Made up in a base oil and can be applied to the skin, onto chakra points, into the auric field,. Spiritual properties of Bay include Purification, Psychic Cleansing, Increasing Awareness, Protection. $22

*NOTE This is an evolving range of products, new items will be added as they become available. Items can be collected from Cannon Hill in Brisbane or posted. Postage fees apply.

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