Pellowah Healing

Pellowah Healing can be done in person and over distance and is a Simple Powerful and Effective way to increase the capacity for positive lasting change in your life.

How your Pellowah Healing works – You lay on the massage table fully clothed for a period of approximately one hour, the practitioner moves her/his hands above your body channeling the Pellowah Energy, the energy works on all levels going to where it is most needed.  When your healing is complete the practitioner will indicate this by tapping you on the shoulder you may rest on the table for as long as you need too.

If you would like to share what you  experienced  during your healing, the practitioner will simply listen without making any comments. The reason being that the Pellowah Energy will bring to you any realisations or awareness you need without any well-meaning assistance or input from the practitioner. Generally speaking you will have a new lightness and feeling of peace after your healing.

To obtain the full benefits of your Pellowah Healing session we recommend the following.

  • Do not have any alcohol or illicit drugs for 24 hours after the healing, as this may interfere with the Pellowah healing and you may not receive the full benefits.
  • Drinking a lot of water after the Pellowah treatment will enhance the changes going on within your body.

There are a magical array of benefits to receiving a Pellowah Healing, here are just some of them!

Emotional Balance and Mental Clarity. Pellowah calms the emotions, clears the mind and brings about a greater feeling of inner peace and inner confidence.

Inner Strength. Pellowah helps with overcoming the road blocks of fear, self-doubt, anxiety and depression.

Aligns the meridians. Bringing about a feeling of lightness and well-being.

Expanded perception. Through Pellowah you can experience a new expanded perception and a more objective understanding and outlook on life. Importantly, through this you are able to make choices which take you to greater heights and levels in your life. And do so with ease and grace.

Expansion in Consciousness. Pellowah brings about an expansion in consciousness leaving you with a feeling of connection and well-being that seems to last and in fact gets stronger as time goes by.

Self Mastery. Pellowah was brought through for the purpose of enlightenment the healing effects are wonderful by-product of the “shift in consciousness”.

Pellowah increases your awareness and intuition.

Faster recovery time. When having a healing prior to a serious operation, clients come out of the operation feeling, healthy, well, optimistic and full of life, recovery time has been greatly reduced.

Through Pellowah you become more clear, aligned and objective and less effected by stuff/dramas other people’s and your own. You can then focus your energy into powering up your life.


At first the shifts I experienced were subtle, though slowly I felt not only stronger but much clearer in my mind, the obstacles ( and over analyzing) I had been doing lifted away. Finally I am able to trust my instinct and take the actions to create a more fulfilling life. Pellowah absolutley brings about a leap in consciousness. Thanks Ensha -Joe Engineering

I would highly recommend a Pellowah Healing, I received a remote Pellowah Healing from Ensha. The physical and mental changes totally blew me away. I am not stranger to healing. Honestly I have never had that amazing results. I was so totally amazed. I recently did Level 1 & 2 Attunements to become a practitioner. And looking at becoming a teacher of this modality. I totally recommend Pellowah.  Dee, Mackay QLD

Pellowah Healing There is also a greater sense of energy. I find I am not as tired at the end of each day but can still keep going with joy and a sense of wonderment. Annon. Brisbane

I had the pleasure of having a distance healing with Ensha and was so impressed with how I felt afterwards that I went and done the Pellowah level 1 and 2  with Ensha in Brisbane in August..

Ensha is a amazing teacher and takes the time to make sure you feel comfortable with all that you are learning.  Since my Pellowah healings and attending Pellowah workshops with Ensha my life has changed  ! Annon Toowoomba

Pellowah Level 1 & 2 Workshops and Attunements