Spirit Life Mentoring

These sessions are as individual as you are.  You are welcome and encouraged to bring to your sessions questions and observations about yourself and your growth.

The purpose is to create a life that is spirit and joy filled and to release limitations.
To become both inspired and action orientated. 
To be aware of the thoughts, feelings and choices that are truly guiding your life and make any necessary changes.
Create a deeper connection with yourself and to embrace your innate gifts and talents. Tapping into and trusting your own inner knowing.
Mentoring works from where you are at and is beneficial at all stages of growth.

Mentoring is a co creative process, from me you will receive
Guidance/wisdom/directive and tools that I have gathered  throughout my life and experiences.
Honest caring feedback.
Encouragement to step up and draw upon your own intuition and guidance. 
Mentoring brings about an *energetic shift *clarity *confidence *peace *direction *awareness …..and so much more

Mentoring Options

  • Your initial session is 90 minutes.
  • Follow up sessions are 60 or 90 minutes.
  • 1 month package –  90 minute session, plus unlimited email support for that month.


 Mentoring with Ensha is truly a unique experience for me. It is like having a divine conversation. I feel comfortable to speak about matters that had been kept in my heart with Ensha, knowing that only understanding, clarity and wisdom will be the result from my opening up for the purpose of self growth. Ensha’s objective and practical wisdom, guidance, nurturance and integrity had supported me tremendously in my path of coming Home to myself, discerning the higher choices, realising my inherent worth and walking my higher path in life. I joked that I came to Ensha to learn to be a real proper human being, though it feels true. Ensha’s inner joy is also very infectious for me – that has allowed me to open up even more, being in her generous presence. Being with Ensha is like a self adventure for me and I love it! Ashni, Engineer to Energy Healer

Email Mentoring

The email mentoring has been very helpful in keeping focus, grounded and being productive. Having the unlimited emails support after a mentoring session has allowed me to clarify my steps forward and couple that with Ensha’s wisdom, I had a clear line of sight to move in the right direction I hadn’t quite seen before. I created positive results really fast and gain trust in myself and my own abilities. My business had expanded in the first week of our mentoring session, I was able to put myself and my work out there. A month of mentoring with Ensha had transformed my business, my practice, my home and expanded my personal growth. – Ashni, Spiritual Engineer 


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