Being more present

  1. When you focus on the past or future you dissipate your energy.
  2. The only time you can access your highest wisdom and understanding is from present time.
  3. Present time is therefore where you find solutions, insights, idea.
  4. Only make important life decisions when you are in the present.
  5. By being in present time all things will come into present time and you will deal with them from wisdom  and a position of being in your own power.
  6. This higher wisdom is a built in monitor that keeps you on track and helps direct you towards happiness.

There are many ways to remain grounded and present – including

  • Cleaning up around your home.
  • Gardening.
  • Cooking & eating a meal.
  • Reflexology – foot massage.
  • Bush walking.
  • Going for a walk, simple exercise.
  • Playing with children.
  • Time with your animal friends
  • Earthy music.
  • Walking meditation.
  • Aroma or essential oils can assist with grounding.