Astrology Classes

Astrology for Your Soul Classes are held within a friendly, supportive space, gatherings are kept to small numbers, allowing for discussion and questions. With a focus on personal and spiritual growth, these gatherings are suitable for anyone with an interest in Astrology, those who want to develop a deeper understanding of the Language of Astrology for themselves personally and spiritually and to use in their own client work.


A radical shift in how we understand ourselves and those around us. A tool for stepping into our own unique power and guiding others closer towards themselves. Rachel. Brisbane.

Astrology classes are fun and informative and help me understand more about myself and others – especially those close in my world ( family and clients). I feel more equipped to help foster strengths in myself and others, so that we can all become more. And it’s super fun!! Francesca. Brisbane

I find it soul nourishing learning about Astrology. It helps me see people more for who they are, then who I think they are or should be. So it helps me to accept people on a deeper level much quicker as well as being able to provide personal solution for them with greater confidence. This has definitely changed the relationships I have with people, when I understand how they work and also their potential. It gives me a gauge where they are at and also where I am at. Very handy tool. Ashni. Brisbane

Individual sessions are available in Cannon Hill Brisbane Qld, distance sessions are available via phone and skype Globally.

Workshops for your personal and spiritual growth are held in Brisbane Qld, throughout Australia and Globally.

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